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My Portfolio
About Me
Commitment to Students and Students' Learning
Professional Knowledge
Teaching Practice
Leadership and Community
Ongoing Professional Learning
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This website is my portfolio with all the useful documents which will be beneficial to me as a junior level classroom teacher. This portfolio is a collection of my course work which is organized around the 5 Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. These standards are:
  • Commitment to Students and Student Learning
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Teaching Practices
  • Leadership and Community
  • Ongoing Professional Learning
    All the documents in this portfolio are connected to these standards of teaching practice and every document in the portfolio is provided with a rationale that describes why I included this item under a particular category.

    You can see a navigation bar at the left and clicking on each link will take you to a different page. Every page has some links which will navigate you to another page with related documents. If you have any difficulty seeing the documents, please contact me at my email address.


    Manoshi Chatterjee