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The members of Ontario College of Teachers know
-ways to communicate and collaborate with parents and others involved in the education of students.
Communicating with parents is very important. The parents must know what is happening in the classroom and how are their children learning.  Building mutual trust with parents helps provide students with a strong foundation for learning.  Letting the parents know about the classroom rules, homework policy etc. helps the parents understand the school policy and they are able to support student learning. Writing letters to parents, communicating with parents through student agenda and making telephone calls etc. are some of the ways a teacher may use to communicate with the parents. In one of the modules of the course we read texts and articles on the ways of communicating with parents. One of the assignments was to write a letter to the parents informing them about the homework policy of the classroom. Here is the assignement:

Letter to the parents:

Dear Parents/guardians,                                             September 8, 2006

This letter explains the homework policy of our school this year. I would request you to read it carefully.

Homework is an extended policy of our classroom teaching. It increases the opportunity for students to work independently and develop good study habits. This year, your child will be assigned a daily homework of 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately, which will include reading a book for 20 minutes daily at home. Students will be bringing books home from school on a regular basis and we request you to read with your child. Reading with the child helps the child to pick up faster on reading. Students will be maintaining a home-reading log and it will be monitored by the teacher. Homework may also include written work, preparation for a test, practical work etc. A daily 20 minute Math practice is also included in our homework policy. There will be no homework timetable and the teacher will assign the homework everyday. The students will be writing homework on their agenda everyday and will get it signed by the teachers and parents daily.

It is the responsibility of the student to complete their homework on time and students who fail to submit their homework on time will have to state a valid reason signed by their parents. Please be aware that students will face appropriate consequences like detention during recess/after school to complete their homework. Homework will also be posted on our classroom blog daily which can be accessed at If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me to set up an appointment to discuss our homework policy.


Manoshi Chatterjee


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Manoshi Chatterjee