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This standard of teaching practice has an key element stating that 'The member of Ontario College of Teachers reflect on their practice and learn from experience'.

During this course we all shared our experiences on the discussion board. Different discussions like how we used math manipulatives in the classroom and if they were a success was on of the topics of discussions. We shared our experiences. Following is the experience that I shared on the board

"As a student I do not remember any manipulatives being used in the classroom except for geometrical shapes where my teachers used papers which they would cut and fold to prove symmetry or congruency of two shapes. I am sure they must have used more manipulatives to teach Math, but I do not remember anything specific except this. In my 7 years of teaching career, I taught Math only for a year to grade sevens. For mensuration (area/volume etc) I had used the cardboard paper for the different nets to determine the formula for the volume/surface area of any structure, linking cubes for determining area and volume of cubes and prisms, algebra tiles were used for solving algebra problems, dice for probability questions etc. I worked in a private school so it worked a little differently. Not too many manipulatives were used. Now, when I am supplying at a public school, I see teachers using different kinds of manipulatives. I recently did a lesson with the students where students drew bar graphs and line graphs (grade fours) based on the data that they collected from throwing two dices and summing their results up and determining how many times the sum is more than 5 or less than 5. The Math text books are full of exercises where manipulatives are used. Students also used linking cubes to determine the area of different structures. Recently a project wrok was done in a grade seven class where they used construction paper/ cardboard paper to make their own cereal box of a given volume and surface area. Students had to find out the dimensions of the box to match the given volume and surface area. It was a good experince for me as this project work integrated many subject areas like Art, Language etc. along with Math. I am still gaining experinece and learning and am always open to new ideas. I believe using manipulatives in Math is a great way to teach Math. Math can be made interesting and real by using manipulatives. In lower grades I have seen teachers using fake or real money to do money problems. I have seen teachers creating small situations like real life in the classroom involving money problems where students have to calculate and return or pay money. Using manipulatives in classrooms takes care of all the types of learners in the classroom. Hands on experinece and reaching the answer oneself is the best way to learn and remember."

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Manoshi Chatterjee