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Ongoing Professional Learning:

Teachers need to professionally upgrade themselves continuously. The purpose of this course it self is for professional growth which is an integral part of teaching.

During our course we read many research articles. One of them could be read at

After reading the article we presented our view on how to incorporate the different programs those are mentioned in our teaching program. This course helped me grow professonally by helping me to build and learn new ideas, strategies, and programs which I can include in my teaching program. My view on how to incorporate thinking skills in my teaching program are here:


"After reading the research article and other resources, one idea that I really liked and would like to incorporate in my daily teahcing is the Problem Solving and Comprehension program. If possible I would use ICE. ICE is a program that I would like to explore. I visited these sites to find out more about ICE,

There are more websites which can be viewed to read on this topic.


 As ICE states "Classroom activities involve brainstorming and student analysis of their responses through categorization to clarify their fluency, flexibility, and originality" This could be applied in the classroom by any teacher. One of the articles on the mentioned websites on critical thinking advises to assign an activity related to solving a problem every morning. This helps the students to develop their thinking/problem solving skills. I always like the carpet time with my students. This is a time to brainstorm with the students and help them develop their thinking skills. Any subject including Math can be 'discussed' during this time. What else could be the better time for junior learners to try to develop their thinking skills? Classroom discussions are always very helpful and often used now days to develop thinking skills. Philosophy for Children follows this concept. Classroom discussions, brainstorming, Problem solving methods are some of the strategies to teach thinking skills and I would like to incorporate the above mentioned programs in my teaching to teach thinking skills."

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Manoshi Chatterjee