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Here are a few technologies that I have used and would like to use in my classroom:


PowerPoint Projects: Teachers can incorporate technology in their curriculum and the lesson more effective and interesting by using the PowerPoint program. They can prepare PowerPoint projects to explain the topic better. A projector can be used to show it on a large screen. I have done some such lessons using PowerPoint. The solar system with explanations on different planets was presented to the junior students and it was very successful. I had also presented a PowerPoint presentation to show how petroleum refining is done to the senior students. From my experience I found that junior and senior students are equally benefited by these types of presentations.

Internet: Internet is a very useful and practical way of learning and builds curiosity in students. Web search is a very effective way for the students to help learning and gather relevant information. Teachers can build classroom websites or blog students can access their homework, any information and also can post their views etc.

Software products : After reading the article by Barbara Moore I visited the various websites mentioned there like .After going through the database of software available there for use by the teachers and students, I must say that such software are very useful and should be used in every class. I have used such software before in primary/junior grades where scrabble, educational games, animated stories and some simple related animated games were used in school computer clubs and in class too.

Electronic dictionaries: Online electronic dictionaries are very helpful for the students. is such a site where you can hear the word pronounced too. Such dictionaries can be made available offline in the classrooms as saved programs and should be updated always.

Overhead projector:

Overhead projector is widely used by teachers. It can be used for various tasks. Coloured photocopies in transparencies or handwritten explanations are all the time used by the teachers for explanations. To take up homework/class work in the class, demonstration etc. overhead projector is used. I have used and use overhead projector in my lessons all the time.


Cameras can be used for specific project works (example: a task on Environment etc.) by the teachers and the students. Field trip presentation (project work in history) can be presented very well with the help of pictures. Students can create projects on computer using digital pictures to do a project on any subject.

DVD player/VCR:

a small video could be shown on any topic from the curriculum before getting into the lesson. This creates interest and helps the students to refresh their prior knowledge. While learning Science, a documentary about ecosystem etc. could be shown to the students. Some related movies could be a good idea. Ex. Pyramids and the Cities of Pharaoh can be a documentary movie which can be shown to the junior learners while learning about early civilizations.


Tape recorders:

Not only for music lessons I have used tape recorders but I have used them also for story telling, passage reading and using it in listening centres in the classroom. Students can record their own voice and listen to it. I have experience with a teacher who used not only tape recorders but high tech machines to record her students’ project work called ‘broadcasting’. The students created a mock radio program where they used their own voices to make announcements, created advertisements, read news items and played portions of songs.

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Manoshi Chatterjee