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Manoshi Chatterjee


I am a teacher by profession. I love to watch the behaviour and know more about the psychology of children of different age groups. I recently did a course to understand the junior students better and to learn more about the techniques and scientifiic ways to teach and interact with them.
During my course, as I went ahead with my studies, I studied and researched on the behaviour and psychology of 9-12 year old children, I was surprised by the fact how girls want to be with girls and boys like to do the 'boy thing'. Various discussions on the online discussion board with suggestions on how to remove gender stereotypes was a learning experience for me.

What can be done to remove gender stereotypes? Is it a social conditioning or a natural phenomenon? Is there really something to be done at this stage or their psychology would change as the children grow up in a co-educational environment?

I am still reading, researching and trying to understand the psychology of junior learners and trying to understand them better to be a better teacher.  

Manoshi Chatterjee